I would like the people that buy my clothes to understand that for me it’s one small piece of art. Beauty is perfect in its imperfections, so you just have to go with the imperfections. Every day I’m thinking about change. I try to contrast; life today is full of contrast… We have to change. My aim is to make the poor look rich and the rich look poor.

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You can hide so much behind theatrics, and I don’t need to do that any more. I’ve always thought of the T-shirt as the Alpha and Omega of the fashion alphabet. There are always protests, whether you do something good or bad. Even if you do something beneficial, people say you do it because it’s advertising. When I was young, I lived like an old woman, and when I got old, I had to live like a young person. In a meat-eating world, wearing leather for shoes and clothes and even handbags, the discussion of fur is childish.


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